The Family is a Spirit Filled, Bible believing, rowdy bunch of believers that like to laugh, have fun while establishing the Kingdom of God. We are more than a church.  More than a Sunday morning service.We are a Family, a community, a faith based group of individuals who long for more than just a social club, but to see the promises of God fulfilled on this earth.

  • We are passionate for God: the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. in our times together we seek to passionately love and glorify Jesus and to celebrate the presence of the Holy Spirit. We desire to know God’s presence, the Holy Spirit’s anointing and empowering, and follow His direction in ministry and the Word
  • We believe God’s Word is living and absolute. It continues to reveal Jesus and our relationship with Him and our destiny in Him.
  • We believe in life-transforming salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ that encompasses salvation, healing and deliverance.
  • We pursue living a life of worship and relationship with the Lord that carries His manifest presence. We believe in a life-style of prayer.
  • We believe and actively pursue the empowering of the Holy Spirit and His supernatural gifts in and through our lives and local church.
  • We believe that relationships and family (fathering), not religion or denominations, are the core and structure of His Church. As a result, how we do church continues to develop and change as our understanding of our relationship with Him grows.
  • We believe that worship and a revelation of the Lord can come through a variety of expressions including music, art, dance, mime, drama. We encourage this diversity.
  • We have a Kingdom view which focuses on the unity of the Body of Christ in our region and the world, rather than a territorial view which focuses on our own local church. We value the ministry from outside of this fellowship to our body. And we desire to resource and strengthen the Church of our region as well as our own local church.
  • We believe that we are all called to ministry, not just the official clergy and elders. We all have a unique identity and destiny in Jesus. The role of the local church is to help children, youth and adults discover their gifts and passions and to equip, release, and encourage them in their destinies.
  • We believe that It is time for the people of God to share Christ outside the walls of the church; that the World has been dying to know the love of Jesus revealed through a supernaturally empowered Church. This is the Day of harvest.

The Family is in relationship with Bethel Church in Redding and Global Legacy and The River.  Pastor Richard Oliver is the Senior Leader at Apostolic oversight of Family and is the Senior Leader of The River which is a licensing and ordaining ministry that is a part of Global Legacy and Bethel.  Pastor Richard Oliver sits on the Board of the River with Pastor Bill Johnson, Kris Vallaton, Dave Crone and Dan McCollam.